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CompositWood Windows offers the exquisiteness of natural wood beauty to compliment the home’s interior while maintaining the strength for moisture and weather resistant for the exterior of the home.

  • Stronger than vinyl or fiberglass

  • Energy Star certified which exceeds industry structural and energy efficiency standards.

  • There is Less expansion & contraction

  • High thermal performance to lower  heating and cooling bills

  • Lifetime warranty


Vinyl windows has become the most popular choice for homeowners. Whether they are building a new home or remodeling their current one. Vinyl is the most affordable, renewable and durable window and it is considered to be a green choice.

  • Slim profile that providing maximum glass windows and as a result allows more light

  • Easy to clean.

  • Require little to no maintenance.

  • More variety in color, style, and size.

  • Most affordable choice

  • Save you a great deal in heating and cooling costs


They come in different types of wood whether it’s white pine, cedar cypress or redwood. Not only is wood strong and easy to work with, it can be painted or stained. Wood windows can be designed for :

  • ​​Maintenance Free

  • Highly Energy Efficient

  • Highly Customizable

  • Extremely Durable



Casement has one of the best air infiltration ratings. This style is made of stainless steel which avoids oxidation and allows longevity. Wood is only added where the homeowner desires and in places that is visible from the interior of the home. Has an attractive fold-in design.

Double Hung 

Double hung has a tilt latch system that allows easy opening, closing and cleaning. A seal tight interlock system secure the top and bottom sash into the frame that keeps water and air from entering.


Fiberglass is 15x stronger. Dual scissor arm opens and closes the window effortlessly with the turn of one crank. The tight seals helps keep air and water out.

Picture Frame

One of the most common and comfortable styles in the market. You can combine with other windows to add variation. Has an energy efficient glass to allow better control over room temperatures. Its historical feature presents a more traditional elegance.


Slider exceeds AAMA air infiltration ratings by 2x for extreme comfort. Has single slide operation with horizontal sliding nylon rollers for frequent easy gliding. Easy tilt latch systems allow for easy opening, closing and cleaning. Available in double, triple sliders and large sizes such as 6’x6’.


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